The Envirosteamer by Eureka: Is It A Good Steam Mop?

Ever since man started to inhabit dwellings, women cleaned floors on their knees… Marlene Dietrich, a famous cabaret star of yesteryear, insisted on scrubbing the floors of any venue where she performed and at hotel schools, I am told, apprentices scrubbed kitchens from top to bottom daily.

Except for Dietrich who scrubbed the theatre floors to keep her precious feather boas and satin dresses clean, all the other scrubbers were keeping the kitchens clean, the places where we keep and make our food. Makes sense.

Mops got us off our knees and steam mops clean fast and do the job properly

It could even be more revolutionary than sliced bread.

I can imagine the first steam mop as a design idea in someone’s mind and I would love to hear the story, but let us imagine it.

It must have gone something like this:

There must be a market for a mop that would make the job of cleaning floors easier for the housewife. They are busy people and labor-saving devices are good sellers. How about cutting out the bucket of water and building it into this new mop? One thing led to another. Electricity was added and then came steam and the green movement and harmful chemicals and allergies, and, and, and.

So a whole new product range landed on the drawing board, going much further afield than the mop and bucket. This new product was now available for the housewife to investigate, compare and keep her floors cleaner and quicker than ever before.

That is how the Envirosteamer must have arrived near the top in its class. A modern-day fairy story written in a boardroom.

Women bought them, used them and loved them. Not only them, but also the other ones in the new category of ‘steam mops’ that were designed specifically for cleaning hard-surfaced floors, just like the ones the old mops cleaned.

The ladies had a choice and had to figure out which one cleaned best, which one left the floors drier and which one was the best value for money.

Now this is where the investigating and comparing gained momentum, for there had to be a standard against which to measure and compare the results and the point of reference became the invisible element of a disinfected home.

The Holy Grail is Health, and rightly so. As the old saying goes, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ or the other often heard one, ‘If you’re going to do it at all, you might as well do it properly’.

The most important element turned out to be steam and, more specifically, the temperature of steam. For, if it is high enough, it will kill off bacteria and other microorganisms and even bed bugs and dust mites.

Commercial steam cleaners are used today in some hotels to clean and sanitize mattresses using this principle.

And it turns out that the Envirosteamer by Eureka is one of those top steam mops that can clean and sanitize as well.

Please press the link below to learn more about the properties and abilities of The Envirosteamer by Eureka.

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